July / August Pottery Class

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REGISTRATION IS MONDAY JUNE 8, 2020 10AM (Classes are not sold out.)

Beginners will learn the ancient art of wheel throwing on the Potter's Wheel. Basic skills are established, including wedging, centering, throwing, trimming, and glazing. Focus is centered on beautiful and thoughtful making. How can you efficiently and effortlessly throw pottery? You will learn in this class, with only 5 other peers to ensure one on one instruction and expediate the learning curve.

Not a Beginner? That's okay, because the class size is small, all skill types are welcome! You will get one on one instruction on how to take your craft farther.

You will be provided with one bag of clay for the course, additional bags can be purchased. All tools necessary for the curriculum will be supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own. Tool kits can be purchased in the studio at COST (no markup!) It is highly recommended you have your own tool set.

Once you take a class, you become a studio member and are able to drop into Drop-In Studios. 


Monday June 29- August 3, 630pm- 9pm

Tuesday June 30- August 4, 10am- 1 pm

Tuesday June 30- August 4, 630pm-9pm

Wednesday July 1- August 5, 10am- 1pm

Wednesday July 1- August 5, 630-9pm

Thursday July 2- August 6, 630- 9pm