Monstera Deliciosa III

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This is a propagated Monstera from a large mature Monstera Deliciosa. Plant has healthy roots and was propagated in October 2020. This is a good option for those who prefer adult leaves but don't have the space for the whole plant!

There are two adult leaves with double fenestrations. There is a third leaf -not pictured- that has popped out since the photos were taken, and is in the process of unfurling and I think it had double fenestrations as well! Additional leaves will grow with proper care (may be juvenile depending on lighting.)

This will do well up-potted into the Medium Planter.

Monstera's can tolerate a wide range of light, and will grow quickly in well light locations. The lower light locations will stall the plants growth: make sure you also reduce waterings. Monsters like to dry out slightly between waterings, but to enable growth make sure they aren't thirsty for too long! Decrease your watering schedule in the winter unless you have a grow light. Fertilize in Spring & Summer.

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