Serving Platter for Metzger Demlow Wedding Registry

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This listing is the for the Metzger Demlow Wedding Registry. 

The Midnight Collection is inspired by the West Coast- I used to live by the ocean in White Rock and occasionally spent evenings on the beach in a pile of pillows & blankets gazing at the stars and watching the inky black waters crash upon the shoreline creating a froth of bubbles. This line is a reflection of those nights- the dark stoneware and the creamy earthy glaze & bits of gold like stars on the horizon.


This plate is handcrafted in my studio in Vancouver, BC. Each one is made from start to finish on my potter’s wheel. They are comprised from a black porcelain, which evolves as you love it. With washing the unglazed exterior becomes silky smooth. While there is no metallic it is still recommended that they are hand washed & dried and not used in the dishwasher. Dishwasher and microwave may be used at your own discretion.