Care Instructions

All pottery is handcrafted in my studio in Vancouver BC. No moulds were used; everything is hand built or thrown on the potters wheel. 
For longevity I always recommend to hand wash all items with soft materials like a sponge or a cloth and a mild soap or detergent. If you have left coffee or tea in a mug for a period of time and now have ‘tea rings’ inside you can softly sand the interior of the mug with a VERY fine wet/dry sandpaper.
Please be aware that a knock against the counter, or any impact could cause a hairline fracture that you may not see and may cause items to seep or leak. Later on, rapid heat increase (by pouring hot water inside, or heating in the microwave) can make the item shatter or split. Before any items ship I test and ensure that items are sound. Any items that have 18k gold on them should not, under any circumstance be put in the microwave! It is metal and will make your device spark or potential blow up // catch on fire.
If you have any issues with items purchased please message me with photos and I will do my best to address the situation accordingly. g ceramic & co. is not responsible for breakage due to improper care. If you’d like to stop by the studio or have any other questions please send me a message!